Focussed presentations that work!

To win decision-makers over to your issues, you need the necessary background knowledge and a convincing presentation. Public Affairs Agency will create your PowerPoint presentation for you and coach you for your actual presentation. You have the message; we turn it into the story.

Presentation coaching

The right mixture of good preparation, impressive rhetoric and the appropriate use of media determines the success of your presentation. In our presentation coaching sessions, you learn and practice how to put your ideas and content across convincingly in a short period of time. You gain confidence in your presentation skills and develop your personal charisma.

PowerPoint presentation

Use our "focussed presentations" tool to design a gripping story for your presentation that will win the approval of your counterpart. The basic rules are as follows:

  • Keep it clear and simple:

translate your content into words the receiver will understand and communicate on the same wavelength.

  • Awaken interest and enthusiasm:

prepare your issues, strategies and facts to impress and captivate your counterpart.

  • Say what you mean: 

direct the focus of your presentation to your target audience. Say what you mean and make your issue crystal clear.

  • Show options, present strategies, illustrate goals: 

create trust in a realistic process and make your goals clear.

  • Win approval: 

address decision-makers at an emotional level. You deliver the content, I draft the story, put it into an attractive format and prepare you for your presentation.

You deliver the content, we draft the story, put it into an attractive format and prepare you for your presentation.