Communications Due Diligence as part of a complete due diligence.

Communications due diligence analyses and assesses a company’s communication performance prior to an acquisition, planned investment or IPO. It forms part of the complete due diligence used to identify a company’s strengths and weaknesses and assess its value.

A communications due diligence evaluates the status of a company’s communication activities alongside the customary financial, legal, environmental or organisational assessment.

We provide you with the external expert opinion needed to produce an objective assessment and analysis of corporate structures and communication performance. In doing so, we make use of established methods like guided interviews with key players and structured questionaires to determine the status of communication – not only between employees or between management and staff, but also between customers and, for example, the service team. We also draw on any available corporate publications, internet and intranet sites, media reports and external opinions.

We assess the information gathered and use it to profile the target company’s communication performance.

The assessment methods used in communications due diligence can also be used in an internal controlling capacity to establish transparency regarding communication performance.